The long walk of faith: deepening your life with Christ : Starts 27th Sept

The long walk of faith

  A course for deepening your life with Christ

Eight Tuesday evenings 8-9.30pm in the church

This course is for everyone who seeks to deepen their Christian faith and experience of God in their everyday life. The course will be held according the principle: “Christian life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be entered”

The course will through teaching, spiritual exercises and sharing provide useful tools in every day Christian life.

  27th of September

     Prayerful listening

  4th of October

     I am God’s beloved

    11th of October

     Where have I been and where

am I going?

  18th of October

     What is prayer?

  Break for half term

  1st of November

     Who is God for me?

  8th of November 

     Listening to the Living word of God

  15th of November

     Where do I belong?

  22nd of November 

     How can I be of service?

  Interested in taking part?

Contact: Madeleine Dahl,

07469 246443

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