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Eco Church is a learning community of churches of all shapes and sizes. It provides a framework to support churches and its leadership to take practical action on caring for God’s earth.

We believe in a living God, who made the world, loves it and entrusts it to the care of human society. We are very proud to be working towards becoming an Eco Church.

We are grateful to Elizabeth Trice who has been working with Eco Church and Woodlands trust to develop a management plan for our Church to create biodiverse habitat that species can use as a steppingstone between the sparce managed green spaces in the area. This includes:

  • Planting small fruit trees at the front of the church
  • Adding bird boxes to the memorial garden
  • Working with the project to build compost piles and bug hotel in the project garden and develop the raised beds and planters.
  • Developing the area alongside the church hall, clearing the rubbish and overgrowth and planting with specially chosen species to increase biodiversity and minimise maintenance. Add bird boxes and plant a hedgerow in the autumn.
  • Along the wasteland at the side of the church further bird boxes, hedgehog house and bug hotels are to be built.
  • In the prayer garden, a barrel pond, thin hedge, bird boxes and additional planting.

The full management plan can be accessed here : All Saints Eco Church Management Plan 2023

If you wish to be involved in any of these exciting projects please contact Elizabeth  or Jenny

Latest News



March 2024


All Saints Eco-Church Bronze Award

Congratulations to the Eco-Church team for achieving the Bronze Eco-Church Award. Much hard work has been done by many people ensuring our church saves energy, recycles, and develops our green spaces to become more biodiverse and much more.

A special thanks to Elizabeth Trice for her passion and commitment.

Please continue to support the team and look after God’s precious world.





January 2024



(Images courtesy of Alan Warrington and Rob Trice).

The pond is located in a semi-shaded area of the prayer garden at the back of church, next to the car park.

We will keep everyone posted on the exciting insects that come visit and on the installation of our second barrel pond in the Community Project garden, which is due to be set up by summer 2024.

Huge thanks to Alan, Rob and Josh for their hard work and help!

We also planted our first hedgerow in the prayer garden. The hedge is made of a mixture of hawthorn, Dog rose, Dogwood, crab apple and hazel saplings. It will hopefully grow over the next 10 years into a refuge and source of resources for a range of wildlife in the local area. It took a huge effort from our trusty volunteers to clear off all the rumble and bricks in the soil to ensure the trees will grow well! So thank you once again team, for helping me put the first 18 of our 60 trees in place!”

Our second hedgerow is to be planted in the Hall green space, at the start of February 2024. For more accurate dates and to come and join in, please see the church notices or keep your eye out for our Facebook page!

But that is not all, with the start of a brand new year we are hoping to get even more work done! With plans to set up a second barrel pond, a wildlife flower meadow, bug hotel, bird boxes and more. We are also continuing our surveying efforts, taking part in Caring for Gods Acre 2024 in June.

All Saints Church was awarded £2,250 by the Woodland Trust in 2023. This is part of their ‘Igniting Innovation Challenge’ to support our Eco project to not only boost local biodiversity and wildlife connectivity but also improve the local community and give people the opportunity to access wildlife and nature.

All are welcome to join our team and get involved!  You don’t need to have any experience or qualifications.

So if you have a love for nature and would like to help make a difference in our local community, please contact Elizabeth  or Jenny

Many thanks,

Elizabeth Trice.



On 22nd April 2023 Elizabeth Trice received the great news that All Saints Church has been awarded £2,250 by the Woodland Trust.

This is part of their ‘Igniting Innovation Challenge’ to support our Eco project to not only boost local biodiversity and wildlife connectivity but also improve the local community and give people the opportunity to access wildlife and nature.

From 3rd to 11th June 2023 we will be surveying the church memorial garden, as part of the ‘Churches Count on Nature’ scheme, volunteers are needed! The surveying will only last an hour a day, from 11 to 12 am if possible.

Elizabeth will supply ID and recording sheet for volunteers that would like to come along and help.

The Woodland Trust are also planning to send us trees to plant in November.

You can read full details of the proposals here: All Saints Eco Church Management Plan 2023

Some contacts and resources for Eco Church are listed here: Eco Church Contacts and Resources


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