Eco Church Update

The free trees the Woodland Trust have given us are arriving in November, between 3-17th.

They may not be planted immediately due to weather conditions and instead may be stored till spring 2024 to give them the best start.

Volunteers and helpers are asked to keep a look out for dates on which we will plant them, depending on the weather.

Also a success story thanks to our volunteers who have set up our first barrel pond, donated by the Cooperative and set up using Woodland Trust funding.

Aqautic plants were also added donated again by the Cooperative and our first aquatic invertebrates have already been spotted in the pond too.

Huge thanks to Alan, Rob and Josh for their hard work!

Thank you

Elizabeth Trice


Photos: Alan Warrington

Photo: Rob Trice


On 22nd April 2023 Elizabeth Trice received the great news that All Saints Church has been awarded £2,250 by the Woodland Trust.

This is part of their ‘Igniting Innovation Challenge’ to support our Eco project to not only boost local biodiversity and wildlife connectivity but also improve the local community and give people the opportunity to access wildlife and nature.

You can read full details of the proposals here: All Saints Eco Church Management Plan 2023

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