Big Church Day Out 2015

Big Church Day Out 2015



Today is Friday 22nd May 2015 and a large group of the All Saints family are frantically preparing and packing ready to attend Big Church Day Out, a weekend long event hosted at the Wiston House complex in West Sussex.

Described by some as Glastonbury with worship music, it is a wonderful event which brings together some 25,000 people from around the world to all collectively worship God together.

We are hoping the weather holds fair for us and we are able to enjoy our time to the fullest.



A large proportion of the attendees leave from the All Saints car park bound for West Sussex and a weekend of fun and fellowship.


We have arrived and have found a space large enough to accommodate all of the tents. Some of them are pretty large and will take up a fair amount of space.



Base Camp set up at the Main Stage. Ready for the fun to begin at 12noon. We will come and go from this area but this Base Camp will always be here for people needing a sit down on if their favourite act is about to play.

Sun is shining brightly on us. After worries about the weather, God has sent us glorious weather so far.


Kids activities for 5-7’s starts in ten minutes led by !Audacious Kids, part of Audacious Church in Manchester. Fun for the little ones!


Wow! Well that was energetic. Music, movement and a messageand the young ones loved it. All the actions to the songs. The young people will be learning how to live ‘The Way of the Brave’ over the course of the weekend.


Need to breathe rocking the main stage!


Israel Houghton is back after a year off and is as good as ever. The tempo has really lifted here as evening draws in.

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