Online Praise Party – Premieres from 3pm! Sunday 31st May 2020

Praise Party is now online!

We are holding a virtual Praise Party to celebrate Pentecost. The ‘Power in da House’ Praise Party is especially for families with children under 11. Do join with us.

There will be songs and puppets, dance and craft.

Why not dress up in bright colours and make yourself a pretend guitar ready to play?!


Resources – click on pictures below:


Fill in this code-breaker before the party!

You will need to print the two items below for the craft session. Also for the session you will need coloured pencils or wax crayons, sticky tape and a straw or stick.


For the Prayer Craft session you will need a piece of A4 paper, ruler and pencil, scissors and sticky tape


Click on the video to play it. To view the video as full screen hover over the video and click the bottom right square symbol. To return to the page view do the same again.



All Saints is for Sharing!