Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

IICSA – Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

Last week, the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse delivered its report on the Anglican church.  In summary, the report concluded that the Church of England failed to protect children and young people from sexual predators within its ranks over many decades, and has made a number of significant recommendations.  Responding to the publishing of the report, the Rt Rev James Langstaff, the Bishop of Rochester said:

“Today, as the entire Church of England receives this report from the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, we first pay tribute to all the victims and survivors of church-context abuse whose brave testimony has allowed this report to come into being.  Testimony which has been given at huge personal, emotional and spiritual cost.  For this we must be both grateful for their courage, and ashamed of the abuse and re-abuse they have experienced.  Myself and all within the Church must now take time to sit with this report, to listen to what it has to tell us, to learn, to repent and to act.  This I will be encouraging across our parishes and among our senior leadership, as we pray for God to help us bring about the profound changes needed in the Church.”

If you or anyone you know has been affected by the publication of the report and/or have experienced abuse within the church, there is a new independent service/helpline available called Safe Spaces which offers support and advice to survivors of church-related abuse.  Run by the charity Victim Support, it is free to access via telephone – 0300 303 1056 (answerphone available outside of opening times), email –, or web-chat: via

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