Finding Hope and Purpose in God’s Plan: Latest Sermon Series

“Finding Hope and Purpose in God’s Plan”: Sermon Series for the New Year.


We will be exploring the life of Moses in both our main services and Bible Builders children’s group.  Come and explore the big themes of the Bible as we find a hope and purpose in God’s Plan together @ All Saints. Starting 10.30am on 14th January 2024.

We will be looking at Moses with topics such as God’s Plan, Help is available, Passover – be prepared and Find Glory & Presence.

On Sunday 21st January, we looked at Exodus 2:11-25. Moses had to flee to Midian because he made a terrible mistake. He took things into his own hands and chose the wrong path. He had 40 years to reflect and grow into the man, God then sent back to Egypt to continue God’s awesome rescue plan. God longs to take our mistakes and heal them and put us back on the right path for him. For those who genuinely repent, know his forgiveness. For those who are struggling with repeated sin, seek help. Don’t let sin hold you back from the freedom God promises.

You can find notes to sermons here.

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